Welcome to Miss U Motel for Moggies. Your cat's home away from home. An amazing cattery and cat boarding facility in Cattery Canberra.

Welcome to                     

Your cat's home away from home. 

We wish all our clients and guests a safe and happy Festive Season

At Miss U Motel for Moggies, your cat’s safety, comfort & happiness is our priority.  We want your cat to experience a holiday during which they feel at ease and really enjoy their stay with us.


We love all of our guests and care for them all like they are our own. They all get to spend time out of their rooms, strolling around, playing, laying in the sun, being patted and cuddled.


All this in a safe, clean and homely environment.

Here are a couple of important highlights:

  • Fully enclosed and secure cattery with easy access to fun and safe outdoor area.

  • Three new executive suites - two with individual outdoor play areas.  A boutique set-up of 15 other individual units.

  • There are many different types of units, tall & multi-level for the agile youngsters, low & long for the elder guest, split rooms for guests from the same home.

  • Our maximum capacity is 20 guests.

We understand being away from home can be very stressful for your babies.

We spend a lot of time with our guests (just sitting, patting, brushing and playing) to make them feel as comfortable and happy as possible. Interaction with our guests is a pivotal part of the personalised care we offer, not an added extra.


The cattery is set on a serene, picturesque five acre property. Your cat can enjoy lovely rural views, with no barking dogs and lots of environmental enrichment.


The rooms are cosy and private but with lots of space to stretch their legs. Each room contains soft, comfy beds, scratching posts and toys. Time out of their rooms (to explore the indoor and enclosed outdoor play areas) is a standard feature of your cat's holiday at Miss U Motel. 

We have recently added three new luxury suites, two of which have their own private outdoor play areas. These suites are suitable for larger families or for those cats that are simply accustomed to the finer things in life - you humans know who we are referring to :)

Welcome to Miss U Motel for Moggies. Your cat's home away from home. An amazing cattery and cat boarding facility in cattery Canberra.

Given the boutique nature of our cattery, we have chosen to cater for only a small number of guests, so we may maintain our personalised, caring environment. Keeping the numbers low allows us to get to know our purrfect guests and spend quality time with them.  Should there be a need, our veterinary nursing qualifications and experience helps us to identify and assess, in consultation with Veterinarians, any health issues that may arise. 

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