These testimonials are provided becuase we be​lieve the best way for you to understand the quality of our services is by hearing from people who have used Miss U Motel. (If you would like to see photos of some of the current furry guests, have a look 'Your Moggies Holiday Pic! page).


We would be pleased to provide contact details of a number of our clients who you may wish to chat with. That way, you can get an independent purr-spective of our furr-cility and the level of care we provide. 

Billianne and Pam

If you are the kind of cat parent who likes to go away and know that your cat child is having just as good a time as you then Miss-U-Motel for Moggies is the place for you. We’ve been taking our cats there for years. When we arrive and unload our boys they just wander around like they are at home and seem to know that this is the place to be, lying down on the carpet and graciously accepting the loving pats they are given by Yvette and LouEllen.


When we go to pick them up there is a visible reluctance to get in their cages to come home and a complete disdain for us – who are you again they appear to be saying.


During a recent stay one of our boys was really unwell. We are confident he was in good hands at Miss-u-Motel for Moggies. There are other good catteries around Canberra, but if you want to go away and relax and know that your cats are in safe, loving hands you should look no further than Miss-u-Motel for Moggies. Our boys love going there and we know they are in safe hands.

Casey Lee

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Yvette and LouEllen for the incredible care they showed towards our timid gentle giant, Romper. He has never come home from a cattery so relaxed and happy and smoochy! We loved seeing how well he responded to Yvette and LouEllen when we picked him up, it made us feel very reassured that he had enjoyed his time there. The cattery itself is great, the cats get to mingle if they feel like it and have every need met - from snuggles, to play, to free-time - we were SO impressed! We very much recommend Miss U Motel for Moggies, and we bet Romper is looking forward to his next stay!


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