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Interior Panorama Miss U Motel for Moggies Cattery Canberra

Welcome to Miss U Motel for Moggies, your cat's 'home away from home'.


This is the airlock. It is a security feature to ensure none of our guests can sneak out the door when we come in and out. We don't open the inner door until the outer door is securely closed. Once we’re all securely set in here, we enter into the cattery. 


The guests can socialize with each other but it will depend on their vaccination status. We require a minimum of F3 vaccination to come into the cattery, which is your standard vaccination. If the owners do want them to socialize, we require an FIV vaccination, that is the feline AIDS virus vaccination. If they have the FIV vaccination, then they’re allowed to socialize.


For example, Ruby thinks that she’s ready to come out, but it’s not quite her turn yet. Ruby is a little girl that needs to play on her own because she doesn’t necessarily like to play with other cats. Those that get on really well can then have shared time out to play in the indoor area or head on out through the cat flaps and play in the fully enclosed outdoor area.


There are three cat flaps along the windows of the cattery and they can head on out and play outside and enjoy the rural views.


We have four different styles of room. This is "Nelson's Nook", it's actually a chicken coop. We started off with one of these rooms and they were so popular that we’ve actually got four of them in here now. They’ve got space down on the bottom to put their litter tray, a scratching post, and room to stretch their legs.  Up top is their private sleeping quarters and an area where the guest can have their dinner. 


This is one of our tall rooms. It has three levels. We generally put the kitty litter down below. Their food, water and bed can go wherever they prefer (upstairs or downstairs). There is also room for a scratching pole as well if they like.  These rooms can comfortably fit two cats (from the same family).



The split-level rooms are also really good if you have two in a family. The idea behind these is that we have got a little cat flap area in the middle of two units and they can choose to move between them as they wish. We have a bed up on the top section, water and food on the next shelf and a toilet underneath.  It replicates in the adjoining unit. So if you have two cats in a family, they can hang out together and sleep together on one side and if they get a bit sick of each other, they can pop through the little cat flap in the middle and have time out from each other.


This is one of our flat rooms, it also has a couple of levels. It is ideal for the older cat that doesn’t like to jump. It’s big enough for two cats as well, quite cozy in there. 


When we were setting up the cattery, one of our first purchases was the chandelier. A must-have. We also have reverse-cycle air conditioning so our guests have cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There is a television set, so they can watch whatever show they would like. But it depends on the cats that are in the split room in front of it because they get control of the remote, so it’s their choice.


All of our guests bring their own food. We don’t change their diet whilst they’re staying with us on their holiday. We like them to have the same food that they eat at home. All food is provided by the owners. We try to keep their feeding regime as close as possible to what they have at home.


We have a total of 15 rooms. Our maximum capacity at any one stage is 20 cats. We don’t like to go beyond that number because we like to keep the numbers small so that we can get to know our guests and give them personalised care and attention.


Most of the rooms can fit two cats together at one time if they are from the same family. The chicken coops that we showed you earlier will accommodate only one cat comfortably, they are a little bit squishy for two.

Exterior play area at Miss U Motel for Moggies Cattery Canberra
"Look at Me!" at Miss U Motel for Moggies Cattery Canberra
Nelson's room at Miss U Motel for Moggies Cattery Canberra
Twin room at Miss U Motel for Moggies Cattery Canberra
Air con, TV and a chandelier at Miss U Motel for Moggies Cattery Canberra
Interior shot of Miss U Motel for Moggies Cattery Canberra

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